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this must be documented

I've been cold in my life before, but nothing can match how cold it is outside today. Its unrealistic. This type of coldness is unspeakable....its even untypable. I'm not even sure why I'm attempting to describe it to you. This is hands down the coldest day I've ever felt in my life.

It does, however, look gorgeous outside and I'm feeling like I'm starting to get over my cold a little bit. I'm thankful for that.

Its still damn cold today. I sat next to one of these things on the train today:

I was afriad at first, but then it snuggled up on my arm and I was like, "Awwwww, you're a cute snow monster!" Thats when it ate my scarf. I was upset.

Work is going good. It seems as if they might hire me permanently. If they do that, then I'm hitting the city with my good suit on. I'm going to go out. I'm going to celebrate. I'm not sure if I'm inviting you yet. We'll see how you behave over the next few weeks.

And now its time for silly moments in Q.Ledbetter History:

I just took a break from typing this blog/bulletin to get some pop tarts from the vending machine. Pop Tarts cost $0.60 and before I left my apartment I took $0.80 specifically for a little pop tart action when I got to work. I put in 25 cents and the machine ate my quarter. I put in another 25 cents hoping that inserting the new quarter would free the first quarter from the clutches of the pillaging machine. No luck. I put in a thrid quarter for the same reason I put in the second quarter. I thought to myself, "Why did I think that I'd get better results with the third quarter than with with second quarter?" As I thought of the answer to that question I decided to put in the nickel. Guess what happened.

In the end I used a dollar bill to get my goodies. I'm eating the pop tart right now and although my loss of $0.80 could've been avoided with a little common cents (spelling it that way is not a mistake), the delicousness of these to tasty tarts is worth all the trouble.

Now then, does anyone have $0.80 I can borrow forever? I promise I won't pay you back.

NOTE: I'm sure you know that I wasn't being completely honest about me sitting next to that snow monster on the way to work today.

....he didn't eat my scarf. Everyone knows that snow monsters don't eat scarves, they eat gloves with gravy. I'm sorry for misleading you.

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