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monkey business parents went away on a weeks vacation.

(haha...i love that song)

Soooo, yesterday I posted a bulletin in which I noted how weird it would be to be attacked by monkeys. That may seem strange to you, but whats really weird is that throughout the bulletin I typed "attached" instead of "attacked". To be completely honest I did it again while typing this paragraph (corrections have been made). Thankfully, my dear friend Maria pointed it out to me. I deleted the bulletin in shame.

It would, however, be strange to be attached (no mistake that time) by monkeys. Can you imagin monkeys getting you attached to different drugs or women? That's be more insane than getting attacked by monkeys. If someone told me they were attacked by monkeys, I'd think it was bizzare, but I'd believe it. If you get 7-10 crazed monkeys in one place I'm sure they'd bring the thunder to someone's stakin' ass.

If someone told me that 7-10 monkeys got them attached to something, like, 7-10 monkeys introduced them to their girlfriend, then that would be kind of unbelieveable. I think I'd keep that sort of thing to myself, if it actually happened....which it hasn't.

NOTE: If I had a pet monkey I'd name him Beepers.

So, in the on going saga that is my job, but first a brief back story for those of you just now joining us:

Last Friday the hiring manager for a department in which I interviewed for a permanent position said he wasn't "getting much of a personality from [me]" and that I should "try to be more personable". He did this in front of everyone in the department. 'EMBARASSING' was the theme that day.


Bill is an employee from that department who was present at the time of the incident. I think ol' Billy boy noticed that I was hurt by what happened (I'm not too good at hiding my emotions), so today he came up to me and talked to me about it and said that the manager meant no harm and no foul. He also said that so far I'm the person they want to hire for the open position. The new theme for today is AWESOME!

NOTE: A man with more pride wouldn't accept the position at this point since his dignity had been challenged. Fortunately for me (and my landlord) I don't have much pride when it comes to dealing with corporate types. A brotha gotta pay his bills, son!!!!!!

You know what really sucks? Student loans.

....thats all I have to say about that.

Sweet Lord, I just had a great idea! I'm going to write a script for a horror movie in which lollipops start licking people back. All across the world everyone is going to have lollipop germs because they keep getting licked by lollipops. I think the lollipops would win that fight.

I don't have a title yet. I'll leave that up to you.

good day to you all.

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