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I work a temporary (with possibility to go permanent) position. I interviewed for a permanent job about 2.5 weeks ago. Today I was pulled aside by the manager of the department I interviewed for which to gain employment. He informed me that he knows that my work ethic is outstanding and that I have a great deal of focus, but he told me he's not "getting a hint of personality" from me. He says I'm too reserved and to myself and he's concerned that I may not fit in with the more jovial culture of the department.

To make matters worse he did this in a room full of people with extroverted personalities, so my (apparent) lack of personality became a 3 minute topic of discussion among a few othe co-workers.

Needless to say I was pissed. I have TONS of personality, its just not the type of personality that most people are used to seeing.

Most of you don't know me in real life so you don't know that I am, indeed, pretty introverted. I don't "let people in" very easily and it takes a while for me to feel comfortable around people. A childhood spent as a stereotypical nerd and weirdo among my peers may be to blame, but thats another blog in itself.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like who I was then and I like who I am now. Among friends and in comfortable settings I'm smart, funny, and very personable. I just find it hard to be that way in the workplace. I'm very inintrigued here. Its not this job's fault, nor was it my last job's fault. I'm just not interested in corporate small talk:

EXEC. 1: So, what'd ya' do this weekend.

EXEC. 2: I mowed my lawn and watched the game.

EXEC. 1: Some game, huh?!?!

EXEC. 2: Yeah! They're having a great season!

EXEC. 1: Some weather, huh?!?!

EXEC. 2: Yeah, its crazy. I've been feeling sick.

EXEC. 1: Yeah, its goin' around.

EXEC. 2: I sure can't wait until Friday!

EXEC. 1: TGIF, ya' know what I'm sayin'?!

*eruption of laughter.

If you ask me, people like that are the ones with no personality. Don't get me wrong the guy who said I don't have a personality has PLENTY of personality. He's really nice and personable.

This is all my fault and I'm not complaining because I can be a bit stand-offish and cold sometimes, so I understand when people are put off by me. Its just that I don't like when people don't like me because they're uncomfortable with my reservations.

I need to change if I'm going to survive in this type of environment, so as of today I'm going to make an active attempt to at least act like I'm interested in what other people find interesting. I'll try to not have such a high standard of conversation to hold my attention. I'm going to try to be more friendly, so the next time I'm in an interview people won't think I don't have much personality.

I'll have to act a bit, but I'm a good actor when I want to be, so it shouldn't be too hard.

P.S. - Thanks to my friends who I reached out to about this. You all gave me great advice and I really appreciate it.

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