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my wondering mind is wandering again....

I posted this on MySpace as a bulletin to cover more ground, but in case you don't do the Myspace thing, I'd like your opinion as well, so I copied and pasted it here on my blog. I noticed that I forgot to put question marks in some places where they need to be. This is a grammatical problem I have fairly often. I'm too lazy to correct it right now, so you'll have to deal with it. Here is what I posted:

This will sound very taboo to some of you, but I was thinking about this last night and couldn't come to a resolution:

If GOD has a plan for all of us and we actively seek guidance towards the fulfillment of said plan, then why should we pray and ask GOD for anything. Shouldn't we only pray to say thank you for what we have? If something good or bad happens to us beyond our control (illness, unemployment, etc.), isn't that part of GOD's plan; and if so, whats the use in asking GOD to fix it. If GOD wanted to fix these things GOD would do so eventually without us asking, right? I just couldn't find the reason in asking GOD to change something that has already been Divinely plotted out.

If this is accurate, then doesn't that contradict the whole "ask and ye' shall receive" stance on life. I mean, believing that GOD has a plan for us, would mean that we're given opportunities and hardships inspite of what we have planned, hence in spite of what we ask for.

Now, you could take the position of saying GOD is testing us, but THAT contradicts the believe that GOD is all knowing because why would GOD test us if GOD knows whether we'd pass or fail the test?

I've prayed and asked for guidance before, but I end up coming up with more questions on top of the questions I had before. I know that freakin' MySpace isn't the best source for accuracy on serious matter such as this, but I figure it would be good to hear what some of you think.

....after all, aren't we in this 'life' thing together?

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