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I've decided that I don't like mixing songs. I love creating music and mixing my own instrumentals, but I despise mixing a track that I've recorded for someone else. If I didn't make the track myself, I don't feel that attachment to it and I put it off until forever.

I've met a producer up here in NY who has done a lot of major work for some noteable artists and labels. I've been to the studio with him a couple of nights since I've been here and he has his OWN ENGINEER TO MIX HIS TRACKS! It was unreal to me. He just told the guy what he wanted it to sound like and, viola! It was done without him having to twist a knob or push a slider. I thought about how much better and more efficient the music making process would be if I had someone to mix my tracks for me instead of me taking all day to do it myself. Most times I spend more time mixing tracks than I do actually making them.

In other news:

Today I posted a bulletin on MySpace asking for help with my constantly running nose. The replies I got ranged from helpful, to stupid, to pointless, but one reply in particular tugged at my mind a bit.

It was from a guy I've communicated with on a few occasions before about whatevers and randoms. He suggested that I pray to GOD to fix my runny nose, he even gave me a prayer to say.

I sat and stared at the prayer and thought long and hard about this message. Had this been a litte over a year ago I would've read the prayer and waited for my nose to be fixed. Today, my mindset concerning the intervention of GOD is a bit different; and by a bit different I mean VERY different. Its not that I don't believe in GOD and Jesus. I do...very much. Its just that I've been led to alter my ideas of who GOD and Jesus are.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting at to be completely honest. It just made me think a little. I'm not sure that my runny nose is on GOD's list of priorities. I'm sure that GOD's agenda doesn't read like:

-World Hunger
-Faith for the nonbelievers
-Courage for the weary
-Judgement for the newcommers
-Quincy's runny nose

I'm not saying GOD doesn't care about my wellness....I'm just saying. I'm not going to pray to GOD for my runny nose. It seems silly. I'll pray to GOD to thank him for blessings and for reassurances.

I dunno....let me know if I'm not making sense. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

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