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!Telemundo es muy caliente!

I live in Jersey City Heights, which is a prodominantly Hispanic town just outside of Manhattan. As you can imagin in a neighborhood that is mainly Hispanic the laundrymat television was fixed on The Spanish Channel, which I am waaaaaay cool with. Let me tell you why:

I fall in love with every...single...woman who graces the T.V. screen on The Spanish Channel. These women are hot, or rather muy caliente. I've noticed this before, but for some reason it became even more evident this evening while my boxers and other assorted male-undergarments were drying. I couldn't understand a word these women were saying, but I didn't need to.

I was the only American-born citizen there, so when the weather report came on everyone listened close, so that they know what to wear tomorrow. I watched that whole weather report and all I took from it was how flawlessly fit the weather lady was and how her hair swished like the wind from side to side as she pointed to the states and the blue areas around the state of New York. The report called for cold weather, but rest assured myspacers....Muy Caliente was the theme.

A woman noticed my attentiveness to the various news reports and commercials and such and she looked at me as if to ponder, "Does this guy understand Spanish?!"

I do not mah' lady, however, I do understand that the casting directors of The Spanish Channel are genius. There is no way that that many attractive women are in one place by accident. Nope. Even the elderly women on the overly dramatic Spanish Channel soap operas are damn fine.

I feel like an adolescent who has a crush on his 10th grade Biology teacher, which is an awkward thought, so I'll end this little rant; but not without saying this:

Dear Spanish Channel:

I'm on to your game. Its a terrible thing that you are doing...parading those insanely attractive women about your programs to toy with the emotions of men and degrade the self-esteem of women. You should be ashamed of yoruselves. I'll have you know that although I can never take my eyes off of your anchor women and weather ladies, I am on to your plots and schemes to take over the minds of all of us.

Naaah, I'm just joking. Keep up the good work. Viva la Telemundo!


Every Heterosexual Male In the World

its been real loco, everyone.

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