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clarifications and such about some things....

This morning I got a message from a female online buddy who noted that I have a "girls don't like me" thing goin' on. I simply must straighten this out.

The thing is that I never realize when a woman has extraordinary feelings for me. Its not to say that they don't have feelings for me and I never think that. Its just that I always either realize it later on (usually when its too late for one reason or the other) or I just don't feel the same way. This is a very real problem I have. If you ever meet me or anyone who knows me well, they will clarify this for you. They will tell you, "Quincy has enough women who are interested in him, its just that he's an idiot at recognizing it."

So, if I have ever come across as one of those "woe is me, I'm a beast waiting for my beauty, but where for art thou" types, then forgive me. X that out. My dealings with women are normal. Basic. Plain.

Another thing I must air out is people looking at me funny when they found out that my watch is broken.

Yes, I own two watches. Yes, they are both broken. No, they do not tell time anymore. Yes, I still wear them.

I have been in two situations within the past two weeks where I have defended my right to wear a broken watch if I feel like it. Someone has asked me for the time and I pull out my cell phone and tell them. They ask, "Why didn't you just check your watch?" I say, "Its broken." They flip out as if they've seen Bin Laden reading The New York Times in Barnes & Noble. People don't understand why I would wear a broken watch that doesn't tell time. I ask you, "Why not?!"

I like these watches. They look pretty damn fresh and they both match just about every outfit I own. It makes sense to me to put a little bit of spice into my daily get-ups.

Ladies, why do you wear ear rings? Do they tell time? No? Then why do you wear them.

Rappers, why do you wear those ridiculous chains and diamond laden bracelets?

I've never heard anyone question Ghostface Killa as to why he wears a life sized golden falcon on his wrist and bathrobes. Never! None of you think THAT is a bit odd? No. I guess me wearing watches that don't work is far more strange.

Kick rocks, world. I'm wearing the watches.

I have a Zune instead of an iPod. I have a Mac instead of a PC. People who know about Mac and PC computers/notebooks in relation to Zunes and iPods know that I have made a terrible mistake. I got the Zune because I always see people with iPods having technical issues. I do like that I never have issues with my Zune, but now the iPod Touch has been released and I'm yearning for it.

...this is something that you can chastise me for, world.

but, leave me alone about the watches

I have decided to name my new guitar El Caliente!. The exclaimation point (!) is so very necessary.

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