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This link will direct you to an interview I did with Its pretty informative about why I do music and my thoughts on music. If you're interested, then you can check it out. If not, then its cool that you suck but try to keep it to yourself.

I'm just joking. There's nothing Earth shattering goin' on in my life, so if you don't check out the interview, then you're not missing much.

A friend of mine came down from Connecticut and he and I went to visit another friend in Jersey. In our boredom we decided to go to Best Buy and get DVDs. One of my friends bought The Kingdom and I was thinking about getting the Justin Timberlake HBO Concert special, Future Sex/Love Show. My friend thought this was strange, which I thought was strange since Justin Timberlake kicks an insane amount of ass.

Anyways, the only problem with buying the DVD is that there was no price tag. It was a double disc set so it could've cost anywhere between $20 and $30. $30 is too much for a DVD I've already seen once.

I asked a customer service rep for help. I asked, "Excuse me, how much is the Justin Timberlake HBO Concert Special DVD?" Without even bothering to look at the DVDs (nor at me), she said, "I don't know." I paused because I expected her reply of "I don't know," to be followed with "Let me check for you." After about 5 slow seconds I realized she had no intention of fulfilling the service aspects of her role in our exchange.

....I mean, the tilte is customer service, correct?

Anyhoo, after a few seconds I sarcastically snapped back, "Can't you look it up on your little computer there? I've seen people do that before." She snapped back, "I mean, if you go over there and bring the DVD to me I can do a price check, otherwise......"

Otherwise, what? Otherwise, I'm out of luck? I didn't understand this "otherwise". I don't get it.

I was at a crossroads. Do I call management, which would probably do me no good since management are the ones who hire wonderful employees like this (meaning, they're probably too stupid to realize they're hiring meanie pants hookers)? Do I bypass my wanting to watch the Justin Timberlake concert at my whim?

I just realized I'm making a very short story pretty damn long. I got the DVD and I've watched it twice. Its awesome and it only cost me $19.


Dear New Jersey:

Please include 'friendly and helpful' on your list of requirements for job applicants.



My new guitar is awesome. Playing a straight electric guitar is a bit different from playing accoustic. I'm still getting used to all the knobs and effects and such. I've already used it on a couple of tracks. Its making things sound more full and that makes me happy.

Sorry, this post wasn't very interesting and you have wasted 5 minutes of your life. If you're a slow reader, then you've wasted even more time and for that I'm even more sorry. If you can't read, then you don't understand what I'm saying, so stop pretending and be real with yourselves.

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