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i must have missed this train....

Am I the only person who thinks there is nothing funny about Kat Williams' stand up comedy? I mean, aside from lacking diversity in the characters he plays, his role in films are pretty funny.

I dunno...I just think he's not that funny at all as a stand up comic. Here is my impression of his stand up comedy.

Bitches...ya'll niggas gotta get yo' shit proper! Don't blame a bitch nigga for yo' improper shit. Yo' shit ain't right, nigga. Get yo' fuckin' act together, then holla at me about that bitch shit. I ain't down fo' dat and you shouldn't be neither.

Do I look like a bitch nigga to you?! No, 'cause my shit is fly! When was the last time you heard or seen some fly ass real nigga shit like this, bitch?! Get yo' shit right, nigga. These bitches out this mu'fucka is crazy as a mu'fucka. Niggas gotta get yo' shit right befoe' a bitch come take that shit...and they can do it to 'cause that got pussies and you know niggas do anything for some pussies.

...unless you's a bitch ass nigga, in which gotta get yo' shit right and get this money, nigga!"

Ok...thats all I got.

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