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yo, give it up for Juno, knawimsayin?!?!

"Yo, give it up for Juno, knawimsayin'?!?!"

I heard that quote at least 1,000 times last night. Juno is the producer for Log, a rap artist in the NYC area who had his album release/listening party last night. He gave a history of every track before it played.

Log is an ill ass emcee (if you dig that raw underground sound) and just about every track on his album was produced by Juno. Log (short for Logic) felt the need to shout out Juno on ever track and he required that we "give it up" for him before ever song started.

The album was good. The night was long. I'd "given it up" to Juno so many times that I'm not sure I have enough to give anyone else for a while.

Quincy LedbetterComment