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the inperfections of Q Q

Thats the name of my new Mariah Carey album.

This week is an "off" week. I'm not sure whats knocking me off of my mojo, but its happening. For some reason I feel like I'm bothering everyone. I'm getting a stand-offish vibe from damn near EVERYONE. Its the same type of vibe I got from my exgirlfriend in the preceeding weeks before she broke up with me. So, in essence I feel like everyone is wanting to break up with me.

I'm sure I'm just a wacko and its all in my head, but knowing that doesn't shake the feeling enough for me to rest easy. Its like knowing there is no such thing as zombies, but being afraid of them anyways. screwed up am I, eh?

In lighter news, I'm excited about getting my new guitar today. I may pay a visit to Guitar Center, as well.

There is going to be a party in my studio tonight. Shit is gonna get really crazy. Like....bananas crazy.


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