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NGH what?! NGH who?!

Ok...I'm all for the black community opting to not use the famed "n-word". Since high school, I have tried my very best to abolish it from my vocabulary (I slip sometimes), however, going as far as to outlaw the word is a bit much.

I understand that I'll get flack from some of my fellow members of the black community for this. Save it guys. I've heard all the arguments and I freakin' AGREE with you. But, enough is enough. Too much of our energy and attention is being given a word that we're supposedly not going to pay attention to anymore.

A few months ago there was a mock funeral for the word "nigger". Have we run out of ideas? Is this what we've come up with to fight self-oppression. Having a mock funeral is like playing make-believe with ourselfs.

Q.Ledbetter! How DARE you say such things! How do you figure?!

Let me explain:

Nigger is a normal word that was given oppressive characteristics by slave drivers and dirty racists. It has been around for hundreds of years. What makes anyone think that pretending the word doesn't exist anymore is going to erase that portion of our history. Why would you attempt to do that in the first place? Its childish.

I don't like paying bills, but ignoring the fact that my bills exist doesn't make them go away.

I don't like coming to work in the morning. That doesn't mean that not showing up is a good idea.

I hate the word nigger, but pretending it doesn't exist anymore is NOT going to stop everyone from using it. Not only that, its not fair to history. I want my kids (if I ever have any) to know about the word "nigger" and where it came from. I don't want that portion of our history to be matter how ugly it is. It shows how cruel the world can be and how triumph can come in spite of negitivity.

I don't want my kids to think that if there's a problem you should ignore it.


If the forces fighting to outlaw and abolish this word from our vocabulary are so dedicated to their cause I hope they plan on tackling these words as well:


...and all the other racially offensive words that come along with history. If they want to get rid of "nigger" they have to fight just as hard to get rid of all the other racially explicit words as well.

If they did that, then they'd be fighting RACISM which is what they should be doing as opposed to waging war against vocabulary. Fighting words is silly. Fighting hate is valid.

While we're at it lets target these offensive words as well:

hoe cetera.

Again, I'm all for not using "nigger" in my vocabulary and I will continue to try my best to do just that. All I'm saying is its un-American to abolish WORDS from society and its pointless to focus on campaigns to raise a people to alter their dialect.

Focus on getting books in our inner city school systmes.

Focus on removing modern day minstrel shows from OUR OWN NETWORKS (i.e., Hot Ghetto Mess on BET)

Focus on educating our community about the history of the word instead of trying to force a change in their vocab.

NOTE: I'm pretty strong with my opinion on this. I would like anyone who disagrees, to try to alter my perception on the matter. This is not a challenge, so don't get all fired up and offended. But, seriously...explain to me how getting rid of the word "nigger" would be effective and how it exemplifies FREEDOM OF SPEECH (something that our greatest leaders sacrificed their lives for).

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