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ping pong 2007

A lot of my friends are having kids. Overok, Katrina, Raemiesha, blah blah blah...its starting to make me feel a bit inadequate. I mean, I'm in NOOOO RUSH to have babies, but it does something to your mind when everyone around you is having kids and getting hitched. After all, I do want to leave my legacy behind.

I have a remedy for this. I have been trying to convince my friends to name their babies, Quincy. If they have girls I suggest Quanita. That way I've made my mark....even if it intrudes on their lives.

FRIEND: Hey, I'm having a baby, man!

ME: Really?!?! Wow, congratulations! A boy or a girl?

FRIEND: A little baby girl, man!

ME: Nice!

FRIEND: Yeah, I'm excited. I wonder what we're going to name her.

ME: Go for 'Quincy'. It works.

HAMBURGER HELPER UPDATE: Last night I made Shells 'n Cheese Hamburger Helper. Its alright that you're jealous, but dayum...stop hatin'!

LIFE UPDATE: I may be moving to NY by the end of this year instead of the beginning of next year. New developments have gotten me a roommate and a place to live, so I won't have to raise/save so much money to get there.

Work sucks without myspace. I just saw the new Avril Leviene (sp? don't correct me) video and its called, I Miss You, or something like that. The video showed images of people missing their loved ones. I thought to myself, "If I were in this video, it would show images of me on MySpace." I would be trying to log on and the screen would come up that says: THIS SITE HAS BEEN BLOCKED BY YOUR EMPLOYER.

*zoom to close up.....then tear*

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