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gimmie gimmie yum yums!

Early yesterday morning I was in the Korean Deli in the parking garage at work (hellz yeah, we got the hook up). In the morning hours they serve a BOMB ass breakfast buffet. I had a yearning for some freshly made french toast, so I made my way to the line.

So, minutes later I got me 3 slices of french toast. Not only that...they were the LAST 3 pieces. Hella excited! I was starving because I haven't been able to each much lately. Just as I'm walking away I hear a voice say very jokingly, but yet stern, "Gimmie that french toast!"

I turned around and was faced with Mama and Pappa Klump. I'm serious, both of them were heavy (PC way of saying they were humongotorian). It was a woman with a plate FULL of greasy artery clogging treats and another guy standing next to her. Clearly this guy was her Food Selection Specialist. It was weird. He was just following her and helping her pick out food.

ME: Huh?

HER: Gimmie your french toast.

ME:'re kidding right?

HER: That gonna give it to me?

ME: Are you serious?!

HER: Yes! Why wouldn't I be serious?

GUY: Yeah...heheheheh.

ME: Well...uhhh...I guess you can have just one piece. Is that cool.

HER: Hell yeah, as if I'm gonna say no!

GUY: Yeah...hahhahahaha!

HER: I love me some french toast.

I was down to 2 pieces of french toast. No good, man. I had my heart set on 3 pieces.

I'm insanely tired today. Staying up late for that freestlye battle wiped me out.

I've been applying for jobs in NY all day today. I came across some that seem pretty cool. Most of the jobs I'm running into are temporary to hire jobs. With recent developments that may require I move up there sooner, I might have to settle for a Temp-Perm position.

I also HAVE to make at least $45k - $50k a year. That seems feasible.

I'm sorry that there is nothing interesting here. I'll try harder next time before never.

Oh snap! Peep the sarcasim son!

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