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and yet....another

Ladies and gentleman we have another roommate. Head is living with us for two weeks (I don't know his real name). Head is "going to stay with us while his apartment gets ready" (as explained by one of my roommates), so now the headcount* in the house is back up to 6 guys.

*Did you catch that? Its it again and peep the context skills.

Cue Real World Intro Sequence:

VOICE OF RISI: What happens....

VOICE OF IKE: ...when you have 6 guys....

VOICE OF TAYLOR: in a house...

VOICE OF KHADI: ....dealing with the issues...

VOICE OF HEAD: ....that real men deal with on the day to day....

VOICE OF ME: ....ummm....the unreal world?

VOICE OF IKE: ....where the cleaning duties are ignored until the last day of your repsonsibility to your designated cleaning area....

VOICE OF DARREN: I'll be there kickin' ass.

VOICE OF HEAD: ...and Q will be there.....not gettin' ass....

VOICE OF ME: ...shut up, Head.

VOICE OF HEAD: I'm just sayin' gets no pussy.


If you want to move into the house with us, I'm sure it'll be fine with the fellas. Just contact us. You could sleep in the kitchen.

I went out to see the movie Stardust last night. That movie was great. I didn't know that much about it before seeing it. I had only seen the previews once before and I read reviews. Its great. The movie starts out a tiiiiiiny bit slow, but when it picks up it gets great.

I wore my new jacket yesterday. Its getting colder outside.

Ever since I got my new contacts I've grown two new bags under my eyes. Their names are Jackson and Smittie. Its crazy. They've got a lot of attitude. Do I smell a sitcom???????

Bob Dylan is growing on me in a great way :) If you aren't hip to who Bob Dylan is, then you have successfully attained your citizenship in Suck Town. No worries; until just recently I had only heard about The Bobster instead of hearing his music. I'm glad I finally got hip to the game after hearing about him for sooooo very long.

What? Oh..."Bobster"? Thats just a nickname I call Bob when we're hangin' out. Its an inside joke.....Jealous?

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