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get gangsta on 'em

Happy Ramadan to all of my Muslim friends and fam! Good luck and stay on it. I'll try my very best not to be "worldly" around you. I mean that sincerely. I don't think I'm Muslim, but I'll help out any way I can.

Ok...moving on:

Today is another beautiful day kids! Be happy :)

Does it make me any less gangsta when I put the smiley face after my sentences?


I don't think so. Who says there can't be happy gangstas? I'm pretty gangsta in pretend life. I honestly, think that the Crips, Bloods, and other gangs should hire me as their Public Representative for Social Acceptance (PRSA). My first order of business as Public Rep. for Gangstas would be to send happy e-mails instead of making threatening phone calls and pulling drive-bys. For example:

Look you sonofabitch, if you step up in mah' hood again you gonna get yo' wig split :D

The happy face at the end of that one really drives that one home, but in a positive way. Here is another example:


See? This is an aggressive statement (and a good should really stop snitchin'), but it goes over warm and fuzzy because of the winky smiley face.

I got a death treat last week from a guy who's girlfriend has a "thing" for me. He sent it via text message:

Mu'fukka, I'm gonna KILL you!

I was angry. I wanted to express that, but how would I do it in a more Socially Acceptable way. Here is what I texted back:


Notice the angry eyebrows with the sticking out of the tongue. The expression here is that I disliked his statement and am replying in a "bring it on bitch" method.

Look, you don't have to hire me as your PRSA, but just know that my resume is extensive and I'm the reason why crime has lowered in DC since the 1980's. Don't let the authorities or silly statistics tell you otherwise.

Ok...I'm an idiot...I'm done.

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