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music overload....

Yesterday I spent $40 buying albums. I got the new Kanye West album, the new 50 Cent album, and a two-disc set of Bob Dylan.

Here is my explaination for buying these albums, since everyone is interested in knowing why I buy CD's:

Kanye West, Graduation - I got this just because Kanye is one of the best producers and emcees in the industry right now. I think he's a tad bit on the ungreatful asshole side, but that doesn't take away from his talent. The man is a genius.

50 Cent, Curtis - I'm not a fan of 50 Cent. As far as creativity goes his lyrics aren't very inventive and by "aren't very inventive" I mean "not inventive at all." 50 Cent is, however, good at track selection. The prodcution on his albums is great (minus his second album) and this one is no different.

Bob Dylan, The Essential Collection - I've never really followed Bob Dylan, but tons of my favorite songwriters and singers say they are inspired by Bob Dylan. I keep reading about how he's one of the greatest songwriters of all time. I figured I'd see whats up, so I dug around for a greatest hits CD. As soon as I saw "essential collection" in the tile of this double disc set, I knew the cosmos were with me. I bought it. I like it a lot, but Daniel Johnston and John Lennon are better; and those are two artists who are inspired by Bob Dylan. Its great music, but my money would've been better spent on a John Lennon Essential Collection album.

MySpace Jams Volume 100 - Last night I went on myspace and started downloading tracks from unsigned artists that I REALLY like. Thats all this is. I decided to call it "MySpace Jams" and I started at volume 100 just to be left-field about it. I put all the songs on a CD. It costs no money and its like having a mixtape of exclusive music that no one else is hip to. You should try it....and its free. I'd name the artists and bands, but you wouldn't know who they are.

Ok...thats all I got. I really pulled this blog outta my ass.

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