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i should be working, but....

What not get bloggerific one last time before I head home?

I deleted a girl from my myspace friend list today. I have well over 3500 friends on my myspace, so it was a serious matter for me to have the initiative to search my 91 page list of imaginary friends to find her and carry out the deletion. It was a seek and destroy mission....VERY serious shit, man.

My roommate's little son is cool a shit, yo. By now you are all familiar with Khadi (of Khadi Quotes fame), well its his son, Hayden. Hayden is the most cutesie wootsy ittle bittle bit of adorable you'll ever see in your life. I have pictures, but I don't know how to post them on my blog without them looking all wacked out (teach me).

Anyways, everyday when I come home Khadi is in his usual position on the couch watching poker while Hayden is running about on the verge of breaking things...ya' know, kids' stuff. The first few days after Khadi moved in Hayden was scared shitless of me; which is understandable since I have ripping muscles, horns on my head, and a pointy arrow tail. Now, however, Hayden seems pleased to see me when I get home. He seems fascinated by me because he inquires on everything I do and say. How do I know this? Well, check out these real life examples of our usual conversations:

ME: Hey buddy! How you doin' today?

HAYDEN: Huuuuh?

ME: What you doin'? You playin' with your ball?

HAYDEN: Huhhhhh?

ME: Man today was rough. I sure am glad to me home!

HAYDEN: Huuuuhhhhh?

ME: Hay-dizzle, why you so damn cool?!

HAYDEN: Hmmmm? Huhhhh?

See? This kid inquires about everything. He's so inquisitive.

NOTE: His inquisitive replies could be because he's only 10 months old and only knows how to say "huh".

ok...i'm going home now