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a little holiday love...

Last night was fun. Ryan Conner and myself went up to the comedy show and had a blast. Khadi, one of my roommates, even came along!!!! I was excited for Khadi to come because it gave me a chance to show him that I really do have friends that aren't imaginary. Sometimes I get the idea that my roommates think Ryan, Sulaiman, and Badio are my only friends.

....not true fellas....not ture....just ask Khadi.

Anyways, as you all know I tell stories of things that go on in my house via my blogs and bulletins and what not. Last night I realized how many people acutally read my bulletins when this happened:

FRIEND: Whats up, Quincy!

ME: Whats up *insert friend name*. How ya' doin'?

FRIEND: Doin' alright.

ME: Yo, this is my boy Khadi.

FRIEND: mean THE Khadi??????

ME: The very same.

KHADI: Woooooow...thats crazy!

FRIEND: Yeah, I know who you are man.


FRIEND: Yo, are your other roommates comin'?

ME: Nah, they stayed home.


That happened about 3 or 4 times last night. I have made my roommates famous...dare I say, more famous than me.

I'm jealous.

Anywhoo...the comedy show was fun. If you missed it, you missed it.

After the show a bunch of us went across the street to that place in Adams Morgan where they serve heart attacks disguised as pizza. The pizzas are "NY Style", which means they're huge and dripping with grease. While, at the pizza place a homeless guy walked up and does the usual homeless guy thing. What was interesting about this homeless guy is that he had a slight twist to his pitch:

HOMELESS GUY: Hey man. I'm tryin' to get some holiday know...somethin' special for Labor Day...can you hold me down with some change or a dollar....or better yet some food?

I've never heard a homeless guy use Labor Day to get some "Holiday Love". I'm not even sure that Labor Day is the season for giving. Most everyone was turned off by his tactic, but it sparked my interest. Mr. Homeless Guy got a dollar from me.

Khadi is a clever sonofabitch, so here's how things went down with him. Watch where this conversation goes. I'm sure it will make you think twice about giving to the homeless....which is sad:

HOMELESS GUY: *to Khadi* Hey man...just tryin' to get some of that holiday love, brotha. Can you hold me down with somethin' special for Labor Day?

KHADI: You know whats crazy? I was just about to ask YOU for a dollar!

HOMELESS GUY: Hahahaha....good one, man.

KHADI: No seriously, you got me? I need a dollar.

HOMELESS GUY: Nah, man times is tough.

KHADI: Naaaah, you mean to tell me you've been workin' this strip all night and you ain't got a dollar to spare. I'll bet if I work this street tonight...just askin' everyone for a dollar...I'll make at least $500.

*here's where things get crazy*

HOMELESS GUY: *leans in with secretive tone* Nah man....$300.

KHADI: *flabbergasted look*

HOMELESS GUY: If you work Adams Morgan on a night like a'll come out $300 on top, but if you go somewhere like Union Station around lunch can make up to $500.

KHADI: ......woooow...thats crazy. Are you serious.

HOMELESS GUY: Yeah, man! Look, I can put you on to ALL the spots, man. I'll be up here all weekend, but around lunch time you'll catch me around Union Station. You can clean up!

KHADI: Its really nice of you to give me the tip. Thats crazy.

HOMELESS GUY: No problem man. I'll be back here on Saturday.

*Homeless Guy turns back to me*

HOMELESS GUY: Hey man, thanks again for the dollar.

ME: *astonished at what I just heard* problem.

HOMELESS GUY: Do you smoke?

ME: No.

HOMELESS GUY: You got a ciggarette?

ME:, man....I don't smoke.

HOMELESS GUY: Aiight, cool. I'll be back up here on Saturday.


I'm very serious about this. There is NO exaggeration in what I've just told you. Whats really crazy about this is that the Homeless Guy thought Khadi was homeless and was giving him pointers on how to BE homeless. I should let you know that Khadi does NOT (repeat does NOT) look homeless.

Ok...this was a long bulletin and I'm sorry. I have stories about my dream last night, but I'll wait until later to share.


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