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interesting ways to insult people....

My roommates are funny. Thats the bottom line of it all.

Last night, I went to pick up my guitar from Guitar Center after some much needed repairs; the roommates tagged along. During the trip they told stories of their sexcapades and illegal substance mishaps. Since I have little to no experience in these areas I had nothing to offer the conversation, but trust me listening in was entertainment enough.

During the conversation Khadi gave Ike a suggestions on his next album cover. Here's what he said (NOTE: He was JOKING):

KHADI: Yo Ike, I got an idea for your next album cover. The shit is crazy.

IKE: Whats is it, yo?

KHADI: Aiight...You gonna be in your man panties, ya' know? Like....tighty whities with a wife beater on. Ok? Then, you gonna have Vasiline in your left hand and you gonna be standing like this *does the 'muscle man' stance*


KHADI: But, here's whats gonna set it off, though...your wife beater is gonna be tucked into your tighy whities, ya' know. Gunrule! The shit is crazy.


...again...Khadi was joking.

Later on, we ended up at Chipotle and the fellas discussed interesting names to call ugly women. It sounds like a very crude conversation to have....and it is...but, it was hilarious none the less. Here is what they came up with:

Mud Duck
Thunder Monkey
Moon Hyena
Buscuit Head
Powder Panther
*many more that I forget*

Ok...thats it.

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