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today we'll learn about the letter "Y"

I lied. Today we will NOT learn about the letter 'Y'. I tricked you.

Ummm...remember that girl I met a few weeks ago in DC that I gave my card to? Well, she did not give me a call. This is upsetting. I would've thought that after such a good 3-4 minute conversation she would give me a rama lama ding dong in my Sprint cellular phone. No such luck. In order to salvage what little ounce of pride I have left I will assume that she was drunk that night and does not remember meeting me.

...yeah, thats the ticket.

Ryan Conner has a website and has a picture section in it. This excites me because I took his most recent head shots. Everyday I go to his website to bask upon my glorious photography skills.

...but, wait...there are no photos. There is only a message to website visitors that he will post his photos by June 22, is now August 27, 2007. He is very late.


Babies cry everyday that you don't post your headshots. I'm not sure what kind of person you are, but I would hope that you aren't the type of person who enjoys when babies cry.

Ok folks...thats all I've you can see I don't have much to offer. You should not be friends with me. Hanging out with me will make you dumber.

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