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I'll have the Dragonfire Chicken with Tossed Salad please....thanks! subject lines suck the worst.

So, last night my roommates and I had a nice little family dinner at TGRI Fridays. It was nice for the most part. A friend of my roommates' came along. His name is Head.

Head, apparently, used to be a Holy Roller; what some would call a Jesus Freak...that is, until he became a Marine. Now Head is probably one of the most crude individuals you would ever have the (dis)pleasure of meeting. He's a cool guy...just a bit...ummm...crude. Yeah, crude sounds right.

For the greater portion of our dinner Head spent his time inquiring as to why I don't "f--k bi--hes and get pu--y on the regular". Shortly after he was off of that trip he asked why I "don't do 'man things'". After he asked our waitress if she likes when guys eat her ass, I decided that ignoring him for the remainder of the feast was my best bet.

I did and things became more enjoyable.

Like I said....really cool guy...just excessive with the machismo. Either that or I just don't have any mochismo.

DINNER HIGHLIGHT: Ike Barnes expressing how he sees us as his family. It was seriously very touching. I'm not being sarcastic. I mean that.

DINNER AWKWARDNESS: Anytime Head said anything.

DINNER WEIRDNESS: Ran into a guy in the restroom who I hadn't seen since elementary school. He remembered me and expressed his excitement as if he'd been looking for me since 5th grade.

DINNER LOW POINT: Risi offering the theory that I don't get women because of my crooked tooth. Every wonder why I don't smile in most of my pictures? Well, now you know.

DINNER REALIZATION 1: As much as I complain about there not being much personal space in my house, I'd miss any one of those guys if they weren't around.

DINNER REALIZATION 2: Badio is too cool for his age. That kid has so much swaggar that he could pawn it off to geeks like me for $10 a pop.

Sooooo...recently I deleted a girl from my myspace page and blocked her. She didn't do anything especially terrible to me, but I felt like she was a bad influence on my sanity. She and I weren't really "involved", but something was one point. Then nothing...then something...then nothing...then the hint of something...then ignoring me...then wanting to talk to me...then saying I'm annoying...then up...then down...then dry. I can't handle emotional rollercoasters like that. I opted out. I figure out of sight out of mind.

She hit me up via gmail yesterday to ask WHY I blocked and deleted her. It made me feel evasive (go figure), but I feel as if my reasons were valid.

boom chicka boom boom clap....and the beat goes on....

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