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fantasy lifeballs

Last night things got a little crazy in the house. All of my roommates, with the exception of myself and Ike Barnes, are involved in a fantasy football league. I remember learning about fantasy athletics a year ago from a guy who picked on me for enjoying Final Fantasy video games. I don't want to knock anyone's style, but I understand video games. I don't understand the logic behind fantasy althletics.

Anywhoodle, everyone was glued to a computer/laptop in the house. You couldn't cut the tension with a Cutco butter knife; not even the ones that come in the full cutlery kit that costs $800. NOT EVEN!!!!

For the past week or so, my eyes have been looking pretty yucky. There is a crucial bag under my left eye that will not go away. I would attribute this to aging, but it just happened within the past week and a half and aging is a more gradual process. I literally woke up one morning and there it was. Its not even as bad on my right eye. There is also a rash like spread starting to form and my eyes have been more itchy in the past week.

Could the problem be:

a) lack of sleep
b) the new eye cream I am using
c) sinus issues
d) contact lens complications

I'm not sure, but I'm banking on a combination of all three.

So, last night I did photography for a fashion show. It was pretty crazy. There were TONS of models there. As a matter of fact by the time I left there were more models than people.

Ok, I have an issue to address.

Two of my friends Miemo and Alisha (both Asian) both think I have a "thing" for Asian women. My mother, father, sister, three of my cousins, my best friend, and ex-girlfriend (who is also Asian) feel the same way. I'm not sure where this is all coming from. True, I do not discriminate and have been known to date both within and beyond racial barriers, but this fabled "Yellow Fever" (as Alisha so eloquently calls it), is a farce.

I am concerned because I was talking to a female friend recently and she said something along the lines of, "Well, I'd hook you up with a friend of mine, but she's not Asian." What the crap?! It also gets annoying when my friends say things like, "Yo Q, you would've had a great time at that party...there were madd Asians there."

I've done some thinking and here's where I think the assumption is coming from:

a) I have only had one girlfriend in my life. She was asian. That explains the assumption from my family.

b) Miemo and Ajeng are both part of a prodominantly Asian Sorority at GMU. Both are really good friends of mine, so when they have events I attend. I have come to befriend many of their friends within the sorority, so if you see me hanging out with one of them, you're likely to see me hanging out with a gang of Asian women.

c) The first 3-5 pages of my friend list here on MySpace is riddled with Asian beauties. Don't ask me to explain how this happened, as I have abosolutely no idea. Its a freak of nature.

d) I got nothing for option "d".

e) Asian food is the best food ever made. This is not an opinion. It is fact.

f) Cafe Asia is my favorite restaurant.

I dunno...assume what you will. But, ladies, Q.Ledbetter does not discriminate. I can't afford to discriminate because my history with the ladies isn't very impressive.

Ok...thats all I got.

NOTE: If you took offense to this bulletin somehow, then you're a poopy face and should delete me from your friend list immediately.