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plight of the nice guy


I just came from lunch with the usual friends, Kojo and Bryson.

Bryson brought a co-worker/friend to lunch with him. This someone was a female. I forgot her name, so we'll call her Ayanna. It was decided that I would drive to our destination, so off we went.

When we get to my car I open Ayanna's door for her. The following exchange took place. You will notice that I had "taken enough of the bullshit" as you read the exchange:


BRYSON: What was that? Was that because he opened the door for you?

AYANNA: Yeah, I don't like that.

ME: Woah, woah woah woah.....are you serious?! Don't tell me you're one of those girls?!

AYANNA: Well, kinda...when I was younger I hated when a guy opened my door for me.

ME: I don't understand that. I get that a lot and I don't freakin' understand it. Why would you take offense to chivalry?!

AYANNA: I mean its like....I got two hands, I can get my own door!

ME: Its not a matter of a man thinking you're too weak to open a door. Thats stupid. Its a matter of being a gentleman and showing know? Being chivalrous (sp?).

AYANNA: Well, I used to hate it. I've even gone as far as to tell a guy to come back around and close my door if he had opened it.

ME: Are you serious? Why would you react like that? Thats why men are assholes now-a-days...women are so unappreciative.

AYANNA: Well....

ME: As a matter of fact, I'm almost inclined to kick you out of my car and make you walk. Perhaps, since you have two legs and you take offense to chivalry, you can walk yourself to lunch and just meet us there.

Just then, in an act of stragegery* Kojo, changed the subject to something else. I never raise my voice, so it sounded as if I was joking, but I was really set off by that. This is the second girl within two months that has taken OFFENSE to my kindness and chivalry.

C'mon ladies. Smarten up.

ok, I'm done.

*I am aware this is not a real word.

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