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the crap i deal with at work....

I sent down a market research report for a list of items that the Department of Justice needed to purchase last week. I got this back from our procurement department:


I just received this EOIR-32 which attached a BOM for Cisco items estimated at 93,481.44.
Please provide me with an electronic copy of this BOM.

Sir Douche Bag

NOTE: I changed the name of the sender to "Sir Douche Bag". I'll get to why in a second.

So, I send the electronic copy and I get this reply:


This is not the same exact version attached to the EOIR-32.
For instance, the very first part number on this version excludes the final letter "E".
Can you send me the same version which is attached to EOIR-32?

Sir Douche Bag

I look at the copy I sent him which is a list of over 50 items with part numbers. The ONLY THING THAT WAS WRONG WAS THE MISSING LETTER "E" IN THE FIRST ITEM'S PART NUMBER, which means he saw that and didn't bother to look at the rest of it. By reading the e-mail, one would assume that its full of mistakes. The e-mails are CC'd to my boss, so it made me look like a fuck up.

I checked over the item list again and resent it with the following message:

Mr. Douche Bag:

Let me know of any other differences between the two.
*list of materials attached to e-mail*

Two seconds later I get this reply:


Sorry, but it's not my job to compare 2 BOM's to make sure they are the same.

It's IRM's responsibility to give Procurment one correct BOM.

So please confirm that this latest BOM you've e-mailed me is the version I should use to make this purchase.

Sir Douche Bag

Alright, I didn't IMPLY that he should check over my mistakes. If he really checked it over he would see that the missing letter "E" in the first item was my ONLY mistake and the rest of the document was perfect. So my boss, seeing the e-mail stream, came over to see why I was screwing up so badly. I explained to him that I DID NOT screw anything up besides the first part number. In disbelief he took the original document from me so he could check over my I'm in elementary school.

Minutes later I was CC'd on the following e-mail to Mr. Douche Bag

Brother Douche Sack:

The latest version of the BOM is the correct version.

Apologies for implying that I'm a major screw up would be nice, but we all know that holding my breath for that would be a mistake.

The End.

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