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join the War on Bugs!!!!!

As most of you know, I plan on moving to New York next year. I am holding off on sharing that bit of information with my boss because I don't think he'll be pleased to know that his prize chicken plans on flying the coup.

Ummm...Q.Ledbetter, chickens can't fly.

Shut up.

Anyways, my boss has a problem retaining employees, so he does what he can to keep us here as long as possible. This morning he calls me in his office and insists that I take a course on using Microsoft Excel. I want to refuse because, usually, when an employer offers extra training they have to pay for it; and when they have to pay for it they make you sign a contract saying that you'll stay for X amount of time (usually 1 or 2 years). This won't work for me since by late February or March of next year I want to be able to move. I'm sure he proposed this training just to keep me here because I've been here for a year and some change and have not had any issues with Excel.

I have to use my charisma to sweet talk my way out of the training, either that or use the opportunity to come clean about my plans to move. Yikes!

The War on Bugs is still a key issue in my house. My roommates and I have launched a full campain against the creepies, the crawlies, and the evil doing pests that are nesting in various areas of our house. Granted, its a small problem now, but small problems become big problems. The longer those bastards live the bigger they'll get and the more they'll have bug sex and make more bugs. I'm not down for that shit, son!!!!!!

Risi (one of my roommates) is growing tomato plants in his room. I don't know why. I ask him, but I never get a straight answer.

ME: Dude, what are those?

RISI: Tomato plants. I'm growin' 'em.

ME: Why?

RISI: Blah blah blah blah blah blah....for my moms.

ME: Oh.

That exchange has taken place three times. The moment he replies I stop listening, hence the "blah blah blah blah blah". The only part I catch is the part about the tomato plants having something to do with his mom.

I could be wrong about that part, too. In any case, Risi is growing tomato plants in his room and its the most random part of our lives right now. I'm just happy that he is focused on something and has something to believe in. He's my little champion.

I had a power nap yesterday after work before my studio session began. I'm going to schedule one nap a week. They're good...but, not so good that I want to take naps all the time like other people do. I've got too much to do to be napping all the time.

That thought was random and probably uninteresting to you.

Its a beautiful day here in DC, so take a walk or something. Even if you don't live in DC you should take a walk to celebrate how nice it is out here.

ding dong

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