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a dedication...

This blog will be dedicated to telling you all how much the movie Rush Hour 3 sucks ass. It sucks ass, so I'm going to tell you how badly it sucks ass. Ok, lets get started:

-Rush Hour 3 is the colliflower in a mixed vegetable dish. It sucks ass!

-Rush Hour 3 is like coming home after a long day of work and craving a bowl of cereal, but discovering that your roommates have consumed all the milk and all thats left is your loctose intollerate roommate's "special" milk. It sucks ass!

-Rush Hour 3 is like getting your salad tossed in jail. It sucks ass!

-Rush Hour 3 is like dreaming you went to work for a full day and waking up to realize that the whole day at work was a dream. It sucks ass!

-Rush Hour 3 is like consuming your mind with so much productivity partially as an attempt to forget how much you yearn for a significant other and in the process you realize that you've been neglecting your friends and family. It sucks ass!

-Rush Hour 3 is like rice cakes.

-Rush Hour 3 is like going to the gym to workout. It sucks ass!

Ok....I think you get the point. Don't go see that movie.

I didn't get a call from the hot girl I gave my card to last week. I suppose its what I expected, however, she may be following the stupid rule of waiting a week after you get a phone number from someone. I'm banking on the idea that she won't call at all and for me to think that she's actually giving it a second thought is a little pretentious.

Q.Ledbetter, thats not the right attitude to have!

Woah, whats that voice?! Who are you?

This is your Confidence speaking, Q.Ledbetter.

Wow, my Confidence has a voice?!

Yes, but not a very loud voice. You don't take enough advantage of me, man!

Why should I? You suck ass, Confidence.

Whats with the sour language, friend? I'm only here to help you feel better about yourself.

Well, you're never around!

Yes I am!

Where were you in 6th grade when I was too afraid to make friends? Where were you in high school when I was too afraid to ask any of the girls to Homecoming or to Prom? Where were you in that fantasy I had yesterday about me accepting an Mtv Music Award? I TOTALLY choked on my acceptance speach!!!!!

I guess I wasn't around, after all.

As a matter of fact, where were you from the years 1992 through 2005? You weren't around from middle school all the way through college and my first 3 years in "the real world".

WOW! You were on The Real World???? I love that show!!!! Why didn't you tell me?!

I'm not talkin' about the show asshole!!!!

Oh, well...its like this, dude. At the end of 1991 I picked up two Puerto Rican hotties from Puerto Rico and we went away for a while to start a family. I guess I was away longer than I expected....hahahahaha!

Well, you've been gone for well over 10 years.

I'm back now.

Rarely. You show up every once in a while, but for the most part, I feel like I never have you there.

Man up, Q.Ledbetter! Don't be such a punk, dude. Now, if you'll excuse me, Cecilia and Juana are waiting for me in Miami. I have to go. I'll come back around at random.

**My Confidence flies away on a magic carpet and leaves me once again.

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