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victim of myself

My closest friends know that I'm not bad with women, but I'm very good at spoiling opportunities with them. The following encounter occured last night as I was leaving a group of friends:

It was raining a little bit, so I whipped out my umbrella and started up 18th street to my car. A group of two males and two unrealistically attractive females approach. At first I assumed this was a double date type of situation, but due to the distance between each of them and the nonchalant demanor of the two gents, I realized this was just four friends hangin' out. As I passed by one of the ladies spoke. Notice how I ALMOST fucked this up for myself, but saved it in the end:

GIRL: *stops me* Can I have your umbrealla?

ME: Can you HAVE my umbrella????

GIRL: Yeah, its raining.

ME: Nah.

GIRL: No?!

ME: Well, you're walking that way...and I'm going this way.

GIRL: *pause with pouty look*

NOTE: It was at this point thta I realized I was fucking up in classic Q.Ledbetter form. I quickly changed the tone of things with a little charm.

ME: ....but, I can walk you to your car if you'd like.

GIRL: Oh! Thanks! Its not far, my car is just around this corner.

NOTE: She locks arms with me, which is something a woman hasn't done in many months. I didn't know how to react, so I didn't...which I think worked out nicely in my favor. Her friends walked up ahead, which gave me the opportunity to initiate bullshit conversation.

GIRL: So, where are you goin' tonight?

ME: I'm acutally comin' from hangin' out with some friends of mine. They're not doin' anything right now, so I left.

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...good flowing convo for 4 or 5 blocks (right around the corner my ass)....We get to her car and I realize that a man with any sort of common sense would ask for her number. I don't do that, so I gave her my business card. I think that was a more playalistic move. Besides, I'm not the type of guy to ask for a woman's phone number.

I don't think she'll call or anything because how often does a woman actually call a man in this day in age? I am, however, proud that I didn't screw up as usual :)


In a discussion with my roommates the following subject came up: IF YOU'RE EX-GIRLFRIEND IS NOW MARRIED AND WITH CHILD ARE HER FRIENDS STILL OFF LIMITS?

My roommates have seen me associating with lots of women. Most of the women I know are friends of my ex-girlfriend who is now married and pregnant and moved to South Carolina. I have a moral rule to never engage in relations or excessively flirtatious behavior with friends of an ex-girlfriend. Since I only have one ex-girlfriend and I don't think any of my ex's friends find me attractive in that way, I've been doing pretty good at adhering to my morals.

My roommates think I'm nuts. They all agree that the Rule of Men state that when an ex gets married, then her friends are no longer off limits (some argued that the ex's friends are never off limits...I disagree).

We all agree that my ex has very attractive friends with extremely great personalities, but I argue that they're still off limits. My roommates want me to "hook it up", but there's no way I'd allow my female friends to associate themselves with some of those guys. Not that they're bad guys, but c''d be weird awkward for me to have deal with a lady friend coming over to my house for a booty call with a guy I'm living with. These girls are like family to me.


...besides...have you read the Khadi Quotes?!?! Can you imagin me setting up a friend with someone who is capable of spewing out such silliness?


...Man, I crack myself up.