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Khadi Quote

"Yo, I'd give a guy hed for $3 million!"
July 31st, 2007, during a conversation about how much money it would take for a straight man to perform homosexual acts.

In all fairness, it wasn't just Khadi who said he would be Gay for a few minutes if $3 million depended on it. The conversation (if you wanna call it that) was between Myself, Ike, Risi, Taylor, Darren, Khadi, and Badio. Our replies were as follows:

Myself: "There's nothing wrong with being gay, but you can't put a price on my morals. I wouldn't do it for all the money in the world."

Ike: "No way. I'd have to live with the fact that I gave a dude hed. I'm not wit' it.

Risi: "Hell yeah, I'd do that shit!"

Taylor: (...made silent implications that he would do it)

Darren: (never responded)

Khadi: (see the above quote)

Badio: "Fuck no, son!"