Filmmaker - Musician - Photographer


Today is my last working day here in New Orleans. I'm working crazy hard, but I'm having a lot of fun, too.

I'm running into and getting to meet a lot of famous musicians and such. I got this job by perpetrating as if music is just a hobby and photography is my primer aspiration in life; in actuallity its the other way around. What sucks about living this lie while here is that I can't network with my music. Drats!

NOTE: I'm bringing "drats" back. So, what you think about that?!


1) Keith Sweat looks unhappy.

2) Robin Thicke is REALLY freakin' nice and seems genuinely appreciative of his success. Respect.

3) Smokey Norful is as tiny as an Ompaloompa.

4) Joe Clair isn't really that funny; and by "isn't really that funny" I mean "not funny at all."

I've got to grab some sleep before they give me my assignments for today. I'll post more later.