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biggity boop

I just had a wheat waffle. They're to die for. Do it.

I was really sick yesterday. I got my legal drugs. I took them twice. I'm much better now, thanks :)

Have you guys heard of this Harry Potter guy? Apparently, he's a pretty big deal. I love the movies, but I've never read any of the books because reading books is for dork wads....Am I right?!?!?!

*cue cartoon spring noise*

Anyways, there are some people who are obsessed with the Potter series. Its at a point where I think after the series is over we'll see Harry Potter Conventions and whats not.

What I'm REALLY looking forward to is the era when past Harry Potter fans will name their children after their favorite characters and places from the book. I'm waiting for the day when my son or daughter brings home their friend Dumbledoor Jones. I long for the day when my daughter goes to the prom with a young Charles Slitheren Smith. I am awaiting the day when I am called to the principal's office because my son got into a fight with a boy who called him a Moggle. My son nor the boy will know what the word means, but you'll bet that the other boy got it from his parents, so all I'm saying is watch what you teach your kids. Because what you say behind closed doors will carry on to what your kids say and believe in the world.

In case you haven't noticed this is a bulletin about racisim in the future.

Here's a conversation I had with my lungs this morning:

LUNGS: Curse you and your Asthma medications, Q.Ledbetter!!!!

ME: I'm sorry, but I had to put you two in your place. I'm tried of you trying to kill me.

LUNGS: We're only screwin' around with ya'! Don't be such a sissy! We're making you tougher.

ME: I don't know if you know this, but it hurts when you guys stop working. Its also scary. Don't you understand that you two have almost killed me TWICE in the past two years.

LUNGS: Psssh!!!!! Stop being so mellow dramatic. Your such a puss.

ME: No seriously. The first time the doctors said I shouldn't have made it and the second time I ended up with Pnemonia.

LUNGS: Really?

ME: Yes.

LUNGS:'d better start taking better care of us.

ME: I know.

LUNGS: It hurts when you ignore us, Q.Ledbetter. It hurts us in our hearts.

ME: Woah...lungs have hearts?!

LUNGS: Yes....yes we do.

ME: I'm sorry lungs. I'm very sorry.

LUNGS: Hey are we.

At that point we just stared at each other and embraced as the sun set and the song, Mad World, by Michael Andrews played.

fade to black.