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I listen to vairous well known morning radio talk shows in the morning on my way to work. One is a Pop station and the other is a Hip-Hop/R&B station. Both shows have what they call "news" segments. I put the word 'news' in quotations because its not really news; its more like gossip. They should call their "news" segments, 15 Minutes of Shit We Heard About Celebrities That May or May Not Be Factual Information...As A Matter of Fact We Have Few Details, so We Assume the Rest.

I think they don't go with this title because its too long.

Anywhoo, today on the Hip-Hop/R&B station they did a story about Lauren Hill asking for only Black security guards at her performance in *insert foreign country here*. Lets assume for a moment that this is ture.

Not only that she had her people tell the security guards to refrain from looking directly at her the whole time they were on duty. Lets assume for a moment that this is true.

The on-air personalities didn't find anything wrong with this. They said, "Well, maybe she wanted all black security guards because she feels more comfortable with black people protecting her." I'm not exaggerating this. When Imus had his little on-air brain fart the same on-air personalities spent extensive amounts of time expressing their disgust for racism and steryotyping.

I wasn't pleased with Don Imus's comments either, but how is it that Lauren Hill gets a pardon from them and Imus doesn't? The same on-air personalities I'm talking about make jokes that equate to Imus's joke about "nappy headed hoes"...sometimes worse.

The Pop station doesn't have a problem with stereotyping, but they are FAAAR worse with playing into the simplification of our minds. I'm a victim of it to, so I'm no better. I can't wait until they do the Hollywood stories every morning. I long to hear about Lindsey Lohan's drug problems and Briteny Spears's rapid transformation from Pop Good Girl to Glamourized Trailer Trash. Its all stupid and not very creative, but what else is there to listen to?

*shurgs shoulders*

I'm typing this blog to prove a point...and that point is -------