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this will be interesting....i PROMISE

This blog will not be as somber as my most recent blogs. I promise. It may even be interesting. I won't say that it'll be funny. I'm only running an average of being funny once a month. Once every 30 days I'll say something to make a group of people laugh hysterically, but thats it....only once a month.

This weekend was strange. There where three instances where I found myself in situations where I stopped and asked, "Ok. How did I get into this shit?"


On Friday I found myself at a Sweet Sixteen birthday party. Yep...just like the ones you see on Mtv. I was doing photography for the event and it was packed full of underage girls gone wild and future baby mamas. There was a masquerade theme to the party. Themes like that are made so people can refuse to adhere to them and show how cool they are. The people at this party didn't know that.

BEST PART OF THE EVENING: The mother of the girl who was turning sweet sixteen was unrealistically hot. For half the night I thought it was her older sister.

WORST PART OF THE EVENING: The little brother of the girl who was turning sweet sixteen kept calling me, "Yo, My Brotha." I don't want to come off as excessively racial, but I'm pretty sure he did this beause I'm black and thinks that "Yo, My Brotha" is the only greeting black people will answer to. He was young enough for me to blame his parents, but that little fucker could've said, "excuse me", or "what is your name?" Nope.

"Yo, mah' brotha...yo, brotha! Take this picture!"


I went to a night club on Saturday night. If you know me, then you know that going to night clubs goes against eveything I stand for. I'd rather go shopping for curtains with my imaginary girlfriend than go to a night club. The story doesn't end there.

A friend of mine is a rap artist and was opening up for Jim Jones. In case you didn't know, Jim Jones is a world famous rap artist:

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(NOTE TO RYAN: His music is just as funny as this picture would lead you to assume.)

I produced a track for my rapper friend a while ago and he was performing it that night. I also did the chorus for him, so he wanted me on stage to perform with him. I figured this would be fun (I love performing) and it would give me an opportunity to rub elbows with industry types and prove to people that I'm not a complete loser. Everything that you could think could POSSIBLY go wrong with that evening, did go wrong. I'm not going to go into details.


WORST PART OF THE EVENING: I originally thought that quality women were just hard to find, but after Saturday night I think they're on the brink of extinction. A lot of women I'm coming across and meeting lately really aren't worth much.


On Sunday I stayed indoors and in the studio for 98% of the day. The only time I stepped out was when I got hungry for dinner and went out to get some food. I didn't know what I wanted to eat, so I decided to drive until I saw something that caught my eye.

I live in Lorton. How did I end up in Dumfries? Thats too far to drive to find something to eat; especially since there are a zillion HIGH QUALITY restaurants and carry out spots along the way. I must have zoned out.

BEST PART OF THE EVENING: McDonalds French Fries :)

WORST PART OF THE EVENIGN: McDonalds French Fries :(

ok...thats it...later.