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Thanks America... all 4 of you for reading this blog. It means a lot. Seriously.

I saw the new Michael Moore documenatry, Sicko last night. After the movie was over I stormed out of the theater in an outrage! I was disgusted with the greed that leads this country. How is it that America is the richest country in the world? I'll tell you why; its because American citizens are getting JACKED. Why does America seem like a save haven for greatness? I'll tell you why; because anything unattractive or unsightly to our international image is swept under the rug and forgotten.


A boy who's family lost everything to Hurricane Katrina could not afford HealthCare and hence could not afford to get his cavity fixed when it got infected. Doctors refused to treat the boy when the infection started to seriously affect his well being. He passed away as a result of complications from said infection. If he had HealthCare it would've only cost $80 to get cure his illness.


America is near the bottom of the list of countries who have the healthiest citizens....among countries with little to no recources.

Health Insurance Agencies reward doctors for how much money they save their company, hence, the less tests and medications they perscrbie the bigger their annual bonus is. Thus, if you live in America and have a brain tumor, depending on the structure of your health insurance, the doctor is much more likely to pass it off as if you do not have a tumor so that he can get a fat Christmas bonus at the end of the year. Further, the less likely a hospital will treat you if you don't have HealthInsurance.

You may ask, "What monster of a doctor would allow that to happen?!" Why don't you ask the woman who's husband needed a bone marrow transplant, but was refused approval from their HealthCare Provider even after they found a perfect donator (his little brother). The HealthCare Provider refused aid because it was considered an "experimental procedure". As you know, bone marrow transplants are performed all the time and are proven to be successful.

The only assumed set back of universal HealthCare is that it would raise our taxes. People of other countries say that its a fair trade because it should be the responsibility of those who have to provide for those who are less fortunate; besides that the additional tax is based on what the taxpayer can afford AND its a benefit to the taxpayer as well as the recipients.

NOTE: If you disagree that it is the duty of the more fortunate to help the less fortunate, then let me know so I can mark you on the Stupid List. I'm not saying that you have to agree with me, but you must have enough heart to understand that, even if you do not believe in universal HealthCare, you believe in helping your fellow man however possible.

FACT: HealthCare was initiated for the SOLE PURPOSE of maximizing profit (we call this 'greed') NOT helping the sick. If you don't believe me, then watch the movie.

FACT: The orchestrators of 9/11 who have been captured are receiving free HealthCare from our Government. This includes: regular check-ups, free operations, free dental care, free medication, free X-rays, free scanning, free psych evaluations, and free testing; not only when needed, but whenever they WANT IT.

Ok...I'm done. I seriously want to get involved in getting free HealthCare for all of us. They'll say its not possible, but it is. We're America...anything is possible here, right? Besides that, if it can work in Canada, The UK, Cuba, El Salvador, and countless other countries (even Third World), then why can't it work here?

...I mean, since we're all great and powerful....