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oh I see....THAT'S why I'm single (part II)

I think a girl who I met last night at The Mocha Hut (poetry open mic) was flirting with me, but I'm never sure what to consider flirting or playful banter. This girl was kinda cute and she had those quirky types of mannerism and random thoughts that everyone else is afraid to express. I wasn't captivated by her, but she sparked my interests a bit. I'll give you a play by play of the flirting/banter along with some things that I should have done to handle the situation in a more pimptastic manner.

**We were watching a poet do their piece and she lays her head on my shoulder.

ME: Ya' tired?

HER: Nah, its just somethin' about your shoulder. It makes me wanna lay my head on it.

ME: It has that affect for some reason. Its a good shoulder, so feel free to take advantage.

HER: Where are you from?

ME: Woodbridge.

**PAUSE** At this point I should've asked where she was from, or anything about her, but I didn't. I smiled and that's it. For the next minute or so she went from not having her head on my shoulder to having it on there.

HER: Its comfortable for some reason!

ME: Thanks.

**PAUSE** At this stage in the flirting/playful banter any type of response, verbal or non, would've been accepted. I could've cracked one of my classic corny Q.Ledbetter jokes that no one is amused by or I could have farted. In either case she would've been all about it. I did nothing. "Thanks", is all I could come up with.

A few minutes later she stared at me and she made it obvious on purpose. It was a stare that said, "Hey, I'm staring at you and I'm going to do so until you acknowledge it." I did.

ME: Whats up?

HER: Nothin'. I'm just starin' at you.

ME: That's pretty cool.

**PAUSE** Yeah, that's right. I'm really that bad. A few seconds later she stared again in the same way.

ME: Hi.

HER: Hi.

ME: Starin' at me again?

HER: Yeah. I think GOD is trying to tell us something.

ME: Oh yeah?

HER: Mmmhmmm.

ME: That's interesting. Do you know what?

HER: No.

ME: Well, you'll have to clue me in when you find out. I'd like to know.

**END** She gave up after that and its more than understandable. I really really REALLY like aggressive women and I yearn for situations like this, but I can never tell when its flirting or just joking around. In my defense, what little normal conversation she and I did have she seemed really funny; it made it hard to tell if the flirting was just her humor or actual flirting. I couldn't tell, so I didn't take action.

I'm not sour about this at all. These types occurrences taint my memory of all the other encounters I've had with women. Like I said, I wasn't smitten, but it would've been nice to tell you a cool story about how I met a funny, kinda cute woman last night and managed to intrigue her, rather than the pitiful story about how I met a funny, kinda cute woman last night that now thinks I'm a loser.

....or maybe even gay....YIKES!