Filmmaker - Musician - Photographer

something simple....


i've rehearsed the conversation
but, there's never much to say
the world below our feet is trembling
i can feel it giving way

what created this debacle?
the vacant space within my hands?

just love me
one day longer
if you can

for, tomorrow comes
without you
in it's stand


i once had a lover
who bathed herself in tears
she'd say the world was spiraling
breathing life to all her fears

and now the void is getting deeper
the ignoramus fills the gorge

she wondered if
its worth it

she filled in all the holes
she dug


i once met a woman
who carried heavy bags
it seemed she needed help
so i thought that i should ask

"madame, may i help you?"
she replied,
"you shouldn't touch!
because you don't want to become
one of us."

they were packed
with burdens
her prior love


i hear many people say
they've seen the face of GOD
and to follow Him I should follow them
or feel His smiting rod

but, i once read a passage that said
from sin
cannot be found in others
...look within

and whats strange is
i don't know where
to begin