Filmmaker - Musician - Photographer

we're losing (self-e)ste[e/a]m

I like McDonald's fries, but only when they're freshly made. Any other time they suck. I never wait for them to drop a fresh batch of fries, though. Who has that kind of time?

I did a photo shoot with/for myself yesterday thanks to Aparna. I told her an idea I had for a photo I wanted to take, but didn't know where I could pull of such a shot. She knew where and even had the website to the place!!!! Wow. If diligence were a human being her name would be Aparna.

So, I shoot up to said location and start taking pictures and I think, "It'd be cool if I were in some of these!" Mistake. I happen to think that I'm "eh" as far as looks, so I end up taking a zillion and one pictures until I come out with one where I look half way attractive. It wasn't happening last night. Perhaps it was because I was wearing my Exit Clov t-shirt (a band T that I really like). That shirt is small on me and it really highlights the fact that I have the body of a struggling musician. Also, my profile is a bit "strong". I think some of my facial features are a bit exaggerated.

I could go to the gym and put on some muscle, but I'm lazy when it comes to keeping in shape and I'd much rather be in the studio or taking photos somewhere; either that or training to gain the ability to kick myself in the forehead. Little People can do that. I think its amazing.

I can't drink today. Every time I try to take a sip of water I dribble on myself. This is crazy.

So, while typing that last miniature paragraph I decided to start hitting the gym. This is a decision I've made 3 times thus far in 2007. What makes me think I'll actually stick to it this time? I have a gym membership and they're taking $20 a month from me. I may as well get my money's worth, right?


Part of me is afraid that if my muscles get too big, then I'll have to stop wearing my slim fitting Exit Clov t-shirt. I like that shirt. I don't want to rip it one day when I'm trying to put it on.

I've been breaking my rule of not using the internet while at work. I'm gonna start up with that again today after typing this blog.

...Well, I have nothing else to say, so that would be right now, then.