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the randomness of being random in random town....

I overheard a woman who works in my building saying this to another woman:

"...the elderly, humph! I tell ya'! They should be dragged out into the street and shot!"

I wish I was making this up. This woman is the type of woman who says things she thinks are funny, but are actually just awkward to say in public. This woman has friends that hang out with her because they're afraid she'll snap and execute them.

Things I will not tell my kid(s) (if I have any):

1) Yes, there is a Santa Clause!

2) Yes, there is a Tooth Fairy!

3) Yes, the Easter Bunny hid our eggs! We're not gonna let him get away with that.......are we?!

4) If you just remain still, you'll float!

5) YES, I'm still holding you. Just keep kicking.

These are all lies that my parents told me when I was little. I never believed any of it and as life progressed my disbelief was affirmed. To this day, my mother will try to convince you that I believed in Santa Clause until I was 14 years old. Don't believe her.

Today, for the first time, I'm going to print out some of my photos. I'm nervous. Ryan Conner printed the head shots I did for him and they look great. I got excited. Lets hope they turn out good.

If you need head shots, then let me know. I'm dirt cheap. Like an ugly prostitute, but just with photography instead of promiscuous behavior.