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post number....blah....for the day!

I think this is my 3rd post today. I'm not supposed to be on the internet. Rules are being broken people. I'm a rebel. Pretty soon I'll be pulling off petty crimes around the DC Metro err'eah.

Is it 'petty' or 'peddy'? I dunno. I'm not even gonna do a spell check. Who has time for that kinda crap? Not me, I'm too busy and important! HAHAHA! LOL! BRB! OMG! ROTFLMAO! PSMXYWA.5!


Hi, Ashe :)

Me and some folks are going to see Feist in concert this month. I had to get my ticket from some random guy on Craig's List. I'm meeting him today for "the exchange". He suggested we meet at the metro stop in Arlington. I didn't know where it was so I asked. He said:

"Its right there soon after Ballston. We can meet at the turnstyle."

Not only have I never even heard of this 'Ballston', but I don't know what a turnstyle is. I was embarassed to ask because he said it as if I was supposed to know where/what Ballston is and that I was supposed to know what a turnstyle is. I'm almost sure that I'm supposed to know these things, but I do not.

I hang my head in shame...don't you dare judge me.

Anywhoo, I slyly replied, "Oh yeah! I know where that is, but just to make sure that I don't get lost, do you have an address?" He did.

To be honest I'm a bit nervous about my meeting with this dude. He doesn't know I'm black. What if he's racist and refuses to hand over the ticket? What if he wants to engage in small talk? I hate small talk. Oh man...I think I'm gonna bail...LOL! BRB! BFF!

Alright. This blog is getting out of hand. I'm sorry for waisting your time again.

be crunk with each other.