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random thoughts at 10am....

...someones got a case of the Moondays!

My boss called me in his office to praise me for a job well done and to congratulate me on being one of two employees to stay with the company for a year or more (the other employee quit). He went on and on about how diligent and efficient my work ethic is. He kept asking me if there was any reason I would resign. There is:

1) This Crucial Element thing will go as planned. Me, Ryan, and Mike will be very wealthy. No more job.

2) This music thang I got goin' on will go as planned as well. No more jobby job.

I don't like when people who I haven't seen in a while ask me, "So Quincy, you still doin' the music thing?!" I know they don't mean any foul, but I kinda get offended. Its like asking:

"So Quincy, have you given up on your dreams yet?!" Quitters give up on their dreams and they bitch about it. I'm no body's quitter-bitch, man.

There is no point to this blog. If I were to grade this blog on its pointlessness I'd give it a solid 10. '10' being a complete waste of life.

If you took the time out to read this blog, then you have my apologies. Especially if you're Dyslexic because I know it took you even longer to get through.