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oh yeah....THATS why I'm single....

So, on Friday I went to LOVE (night club in DC). As most of you know, night clubs are not my cup 'o joe...not my bag of tea...I don't cut my bread and butter at night clubs. You may be asking yourself, "Q.Ledbetter, why did you go if you loath the night club experience?"

I went for networking purposes. A guy I knew while in college is a major international superstar now (go fig') and he was doing a stop on his tour here in LOVE...a freakin' night club. Sheesh! My homegirl Maria, who also knows said superstar, convinced me to go in the first place.

NOTE: Contrary to the vibe of this blog I'm glad she did.

Here's what I expected going into the club experience:

1) Getting that sticky feeling from almost sweating, but not really sweating.

2) Constant rejection from ladies.

3) Frequent encounters with touchy feely ambiguously gay men.

4) Dealing with asshole bouncers.

All of the above went down and at some points simultaneously. On the bright side my plan to reacquaint myself with mr. superstar's management couldn't have gone better. Lets hope something pans out.

On Saturday I had a session in the morning. The rest is a blur after that; probably because I spent the whole time in bed. The only other thing I did was watch Pan's Labyrinth. Great movie.

On Sunday I had another session and worked in the studio, but only for a moment. I went to the movies to watch Knocked Up. It was good, but not "THE GREATEST COMEDY EVER" like the reviews are saying. I didn't "LAUGH UNTIL MY EYEBALLS POPPED OUT" like Rolling Stone said.

NOTE: Rolling Stone didn't say that, but they said something like that. I'm just sayin'...its worth paying money to see, but I've seen better.

I had more sleeping to do. For some odd reason, there was an abundance of great movies on last the same time! I went into movie overload; flipping from one channel to the other trying to take in as much as I could have. It was tiring. I made an 11pm run to McDonald's to charge up, but it just made me more tired and lazy.

Asleep I went....Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

If you go to Ryan Conner's blog he has a link to my blog under the "Other Comedy Blog" category. I just noticed it this weekend. I'm honored to say the least because I happen to think that my blogs aren't funny. I'm corny. Its a character trait I inherited from my father. But, everyone thinks he's funny, too. I'm sure that if I ever have children I'll teach them to be cornballs as well.

...and so goes the circle of life.

The final episode of The Sopranos is next week on Sunday. There are only two ways this thing could end for me to be satisfied.

1) Tony rats out everyone to save himself and his family and goes into witness protection. NOTE: This is how Goodfellas ended, so although I would be satisfied, I would think its a cop out sissy type of way to end the show.

2) Tony dies. I think Tony will definitely die, but I hope its not in a blaze of glory like Scarface. That would take the magic out of it. He has to be sitting in a car somewhere, a shadowy figure creeps up from behind...BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG! If the writers want to really make it shocking, then they'll make it so his family gets it, too. It may make me sound morbid and a bit emo, but I hope that its curtains for all of 'em. THAT would be an epic ending.