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the, I tell ya'!

I'm the new graphic design artist for the EOIR section of The Department of Justice, which is kinda cool because it means I get the latest version of PhotoShop installed on my computer.

Anyways, I designed a cover for a training manual that involves audio. The design I put together has a sound wave image. Although, they like the design, the government thinks that the sound waves are too intense and such intensity signifies static rather than audible sound. What the crap is that about?!?!?! Who in their right mind is going to see the cover and think, "Wow, this design is wonderful. Wait a second. My asshole calculations are telling me that this wave image is of static and not voices. I give this design the asshole stamp of disapproval!"

Whoever pointed that out is just trying to show everyone how much they know about audio and thought it would be impressive to flex his power a little bit. I'm sure they can find better things to do than discuss what the image of the wave on the manual cover is telling the trainees.

They should do something about the dude on the 22nd floor who plays video games at his desk. That guy doesn't do shit. They should do something about the inefficiencies of most of the software and procedures we use and follow here in the ol' government. They should REALLY do something to improve the Human Resources department. For someone to have to wait 6-7 months after getting hired for a job before they start is dispicable; almost as dispicable as getting your resume viewed.

Ok, I'm done.