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The title to this blog is the deepest blog title I've ever written. Given the mood I'm in, it works on more levels than you're prepared to understand.

*pats self on the back*

As some of you know I live in a house with three other roommates.

Roommate #1 = Ike
Roommate #2 = Risi
Roommate #3 = Taylor

It sounds like it would be cluttered, but our house is humongotorious (made up word), so it works out. The only thing I don't like about living with my roommates is that they're more popular than me and, hence, they have more friends. I think there are two people within my circle of friends who come and visit on a regular basis: Ryan Conner and Travis Tucker. Besides that I haven't had too many people over. Its a different story with my roommates. They were in The Marines together, so they have a lot of Marine friends who come over for poker parties and to watch "the game". At first I had an issue with a lot of people being in the house all the time, but I've adjusted well because they're never in my way, so to speak. Besides that, they're all really cool.

Yesterday, a frequent house guest was hangin' out longer than usual. I was told by Roommate #2 that Donovan would be staying with us for a while because his wife kicked him out of their home. Its a sad state of affairs. My initial (and internal) reaction was, "Awwww crap no," but, after about a minute I put myself in his shoes. Good friends would open their home to a friend in need. If it were my brother, Ryan, or anyone else in MY circle of friends, my doors would be open and I'd expect little to no grieviances from my other roommates. I'd have an attitude like, "This is happening. Deal with it."

House are welcome.

The arrangement that was made is this: Donovan (house guest) will sleep in Roommate #3's room with him. Donovan will also pay all the utility bills and share in the cost of groceries.

Not only am I saving money, but I'm also gaining the opportunity to make another friend.

Last night me, Roommate #1, Roommate #2, Roommate #3, and Roommate #3.5 watched Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny. I'm a big fan of Jack Black, so I enjoyed it. There was one moment in the movie where I laughed hysterically for 3 minutes (thats a long time when you're laughing). The roommates looked at me like I was insane.

If you don't like Jack Black, I don't think you'll enjoy that movie. Fortunatly, I think Jack Black is The Dude.


*grammatical errors and spelling mishaps will go untouched for this blog*