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baffling weekend of whatevers and wetch'calls....

This weekend was interesting and busy.

On Friday I had to attend two birthday parties. Being invited to, not one but, TWO birtday parties made me feel loved and adored. I learned things about myself, love, and life at both of these parties.

-The first party was for my friend Daisy. It was cool because Dennis, one of my friends/frat brothers, was there. I spent the whole time hangin' out with him and "checkin' out" Daisy's friends...along with Daisy herself. You know...average guy stuff. I enjoyed it because it made me feel like an average guy for once.

WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT MYSELF: I like the ladies, I like hugs, I like being "the nice guy", and being single isn't always so bad.

WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT LOVE: Women can give you a false sense of pride when they've been drinking, as they are excessively flirtatious when they're drunk. There was one time when a girl I was sorta diggin' on flirted with me at a party. The next day when I talked to her she wouldn't shut up about how drunk she was and how she doesn't remember anything she said or did. I couldn't shake the feeling that she was telling me all this to hammer it in my head that she was NOT actually interested in me. The same thing happened the day after Daisy's party.

WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT LIFE: If you give a woman a sense that she can't have you, she'll want you even more. I never believed that until this weekend.

-The second party I went to was in Fairfax. I'm about 90% sure who this party was for, but I'm not going to say because there's that 10% of insecurity. If I'm wrong I'll have to come back to this blog and correct the name. I don't want to do that, nor do I want to give false birthday props where birthday props aren't due.

Anyways, the party had a masquerade theme to it. Quincy Gerard Ledbetter does not do themes. I had no mask, nor would I wear one. My friend/frat brother Dennis came along with me from Daisy's party. They had cookies and small hamburger patties. Dennis made a joke about black people always taking the last hot dog at cookouts and making all the other non-black people angry. It was hilarious. My friend Alan Skontra was there and so was my friend Spanky. Even Craig Wilson made an appearance! You don't know who these people are, but if you did, then you'd be like, "Damn, that was a good ass party! I'm upset that I wasn't there."

WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT MYSELF: I prefer a chill environment among friends over a loud evening of dealing with stuck up women who don't know their ass from their face and their face from the Gucci shades and matching purse. Simply put: I HATE GOING TO LOVE (night club in DC).

WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT LOVE: I love my friends and my friends love their girlfriends/fiances. I don't have a girlfriend, which sometimes makes me sad...nor do I have a fiance and I don't have a whole lot of friends, but the ones I DO have are priceless...and that makes me glad :)

WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT LIFE: Watching drunkards play beer pong is almost as pointless as the game itself. all that was just Friday!!!!!

On Saturday I had plans...AMBITIOUS plans! I was to go out with two gorgeous women at two different times! I hadn't pulled off such a feat since that one time when I did it by accident in high school. Neither one of these women have any extraordinary interest in me, but the people who see us in public don't have to know that. I was supposed to go out with Daisy in the morning through early afternoon, go meet with a singer in the late afternoon, and go out with Hamwattie in the evening. I was excited. Saturday was gonna be a good day.

Dad calls to tell me he has a stack of bills at his house that I've been getting. Why hasn't my mail been forwarded to my new place yet? I dunno. Anyways, it turns out I paid a group of bills TWICE and didn't pay the other group of bills at all. I quickly hopped on line and paid the bills I forgot to pay and my account balance shrank to an unspeakable amount. I couldn't afford to take two women out that day because I have this thing where I HAVE to pay (its a "nice guy" thing). One of them had to bite the bullet on this one. Daisy was already in transit to my house, so circumstances made the decision for me.

I saw "Pirates of the Carrabian".....again. SIGH :\

I really wanted to see Hamwattie. She's a lot of fun....ahh..maybe next time.

The singer I was supposed to meet with didn't answer his phone when I called, which sucked, but what DOESN'T suck is that Aparna was in the paper!

Sunday we took my dad out to Red Lobster for Fathers' Day. He had fun. I have leftovers :)