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a letter to friendly office guy

Dear Friendly Office Guy:

I respectfully submit this letter to inform you that, although I appreciate your personable demeanor, it is not required that you shoot out a witty one-liner every time we cross paths in the office. When you see me eating lunch in the break room you don't always have to say things like, "YUMMMMM!!!" or "LUNCH TIME, EH?" or "HEY MAN...LEGGO MY EGGO!" When I'm passing by your desk, you don't always have to perc up and say, "LOOK ALIVE, LEDBETTER!" When I'm passing by you in the hallways and I'm carrying boxes, you don't always need to pretend that you're going to knock them out of my hand. If we should happen to share an elevator, it isn't necessary to say, "ALMOST QUITTIN' TIME!" or "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOIN', HUH?!?!"

I like you Friendly Office Guy. I think you're friendly and your height of 5 feet, 4 inches makes you tiny and adorable. Don't over do it, though; you don't have to impress me with punchlines and antics. I just need your friendship.

Respectfully Yours:

Quincy Ledbetter

Dear Hot Office Girl:

Hi :)

Your Secret Admirer:

Quincy Ledbetter