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the 2nd coming of Hey-Seuss?

A myspace friend sent me a news report a few months ago about Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda and I just read a more recent report about him on The Drudge Report. Miranda was born in Puerto Rico and has been in and out of jail for most of his life for theft and even had a heroin addiction. There is nothing strange about that. What is strange is that Dr. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda is telling people that he is Jesus. I'm not talking about the Hispanic kid that was in the SOL class in middle school. I'm talking about Jesus Christ. Its odd for someone to claim to be the Christ reincarnate, but whats REALLY weird is that people believe him; and I mean, millions of people.

Miranda has led people to tatoo "666" on their bodies just as he has on his hand as a symbol of love. I'm surprised that the millions of Christians that are following him don't see that as a problem. Tatooing the sign of the beast on your person as a symbol of your love for Chirst is backwards logic. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that its no form of logic at all because to refer to something as "logic" (be it backwards or forward) would mean it holds some sort of validity.

I've watched television evangelists with disgust and even dealt with one before (thats a whoooole other story) and its disgusting how some people would use religion and faith to mislead people for their own personal gain. Be it millions of people or a humble following of a few, its shameful.

For more information google Miranda's full name.

**I'm sorry this wasn't entertaining. I'll post something senseless later.**