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I have a bad habbit of agreeing to do things that I don't have time to do. Recently, I agreed to take part in a fashion show. That right, I'll be walking a runway.

When I agreed to do this show I knew I probably wouldn't have time do do it at all, but I still agreed. I'm an idiot. I didn't realize how dumb it was until Ryan Conner (why do I always say his full name) made light of my stupidity:

RYAN: What are you up to tomorrow?

ME: Maaaaan, I'm in a fashion show.

RYAN: Yer' fuckin' kidding me, right?

ME: Nah, man. I'm in a fashion show.

RYAN:'ll be walking down a cat walk? Like that kinda fashion show?

ME: Yep...unfortunately.

RYAN: Dude, how do you get sucked into this kinda shit?

ME: I dunno...I said I'd do it.

RYAN: Why?

ME: dunno.

RYAN: Well, have fun, ass.

He didn't call me an "ass", but thats how I feel. I'm riding down with my friend Maria (who is a model in the show) and she's cool, so it shouldn't be too bad.

I will not take pictures and I will not tell you how the show went.

Ok...I'm hungry. Bye!