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beast dog attacks

-The title of this blog is a silly attempt to coax you into reading it. The beast dog did not attack. There actually is no such thing as a beast dog.

-Watch the movie “Idiocracy” by Mike Judge. It’s phenomenal.

-I’ve been known to refer to people as “buddies” if they’re friends of mine. Thanks to popular music I can no longer do so. Why, you ask? Well, Mr. and Mrs. Oblivious (sheesh) there’s a song by Musiq Soulchild called “Buddy” in which he explains that the term signifies the more vulgar phrase “Fuck Buddy”. I heard this song and, though I am a HUGE fan of Musiq Soulchild, I’m just not feeling it. I didn’t think it would catch on, but it has. Now when I say, “Yeah, Jay Hastings is a good buddy of mine,” it may be assumed by popular culture that I’m referring to him being one of my favorite fuck buddies. I’m disappointed in society for taking hold of this new form of slanguage…..again I implore you….watch “Idiocracy”.

-At this point I am maintaining this blog to amuse myself. I honestly don’t think anyone is reading, which is cool. I’m good. Whatevers.

-Just overheard in the office by a co-worker: “WHAT? THEY GOT A LAWSUIT?! I WANT A LAWSUIT!!!!” I understand that that isn’t funny or interesting, but I feel the need to document such things if awarded the opportunity.

-The search for spiritual understanding continues. I’m trying the angle of not looking for it, but rather, opening myself up to let it to naturally fall upon me. That makes more sense to me than seeking answers from someone who maybe just as clueless as I am.

-That guy Bryson from The Improv works in the office complex now. NEW LUNCH BUDDY! Note: By saying that I don’t mean that he’s someone I have quickies with on my lunch break.

-The roommates and I were having a “dude talk” last night about our friends who may be on the “DL” (meaning ‘down low’; meaning secretly gay). This is a quote from Roommate #2, “That dude *insert friend’s name here* is gay as shit, yo! I mean…he’s cool, but he gay a shit! You never see this dude fuckin’ bitches. *points to me* I know Q doesn’t fuck bitches, but I don’t get the idea that he’s gay because at least he TRIES to!” I’m not lying about this. That’s exactly what he said verbatim. The alienation and awkwardness I felt everyday of middle school and high school came back to me in that moment. Note: I don’t “fuck bitches”, so I’m not sure where he got that idea that I’m always trying to.

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