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"What do you guys wanna do this weekend? I’m down for doing anything as long as it doesn’t involve spending money, or leaving the house for that matter. Anyone of you can come over and watch me work in the studio and play PlayStation and eat massive amounts of Fruity Pebbles."

The preceeding quote is from the blog before the one you are currently reading. It was a declaration of my ambition to have no ambition from Friday afternoon until Tuesday morning. It was to be a glorious time of eating cold cereal and playing Final Fantasy XII on PlayStation, all while spending NO money.

Total bowls of cereal consumed: Well over 8...mission accomplished.

Total logged hours of Final Fantasy: 1.2 hours....mission kinda failed.

Total amount of money spent: A little over $1,100.00 in store credit at Guitar Center.....mission failed and disgraced.

I spent a lot of money and went to a lot of places this weekend. I don't even want to get into it, but you should know that I had an outstanding weekend and it was productive in ways that I couldn't have imagined.

....this blog is kinda all over the place. If you're still reading I owe you a bear hug and a high five.

If this past Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were in an arm wrestling match Saturday Night would kick ass. Saturday was definitely the worst day, yet, best night out of this whole weekend. I had a photo shoot that didn't go well in the day time, but I went to see a bangin' ass movie that night. Not only that...I stumble in my house half asleep at 1am or 2am or something in the morning and check the ol' g-mail to find that Aparna was still up, too. Ohhh the online conversation talky talk we had! You should've been there. It is currently tucked away in my "SAVED CHATS" section of my g-mail in case I want to reminise.

Yep...Saturday night.

Best MORNING would have to be Monday. Now, Monday (today) was a holiday and its new to the battle between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but I think it held up well. Guitar Center had a sale today for one day only. Me and my roommate went up there and we cleaned house. Rommie got a drum set and I got REASON for my computer. I'm not gonna go into what REASON does or how insanely bad ass it is, but just understand that I'm unstoppable now.

NOTE: Store credit is a beautiful thing.

There is only 8 minutes left in Monday. Then it will be Tuesday and time to go back to work. I'm half alseep right now (cant' you tell). I'm off to have dreams of things.

I'll talk or type to ya'll at some point tomorrow.

later gators