Filmmaker - Musician - Photographer

surprise!!!! (yet another uninventive subject for a blog)

On Sunday I had a photo shoot at an event for Allstate. The Allstate reps in Maryland hired a modeling agency to do promotions for them at a fashion show. I was called to photography for said event. Nice!

Lets get to the point:

As the event was winding up me and the models were taking a little break. I tinkered with my camera as they discussed politics, philosophy, mathematics, the arts, and religion.

NOTE: By politics, philosophy, mathematics, the arts, and religion I mean cell phones, clothes, and boys who are "cute and can dress their ass off."

During our break the model whom I proclaimed as their leader pulled me aside and began inquiring about my rates for photo shoots and the kinds of shots I do. She proceeded to pull out her two-way pager, which contained photos from her last shoot. I began to think to myself:

ME: Wow, those photos are good quality. The photographer is really talented.


*she continues to flip through photos, when one catches my eye*

ME: Wait a second!

QUINCY: Nah, way.

ME: Quincy, I think it was.

QUINCY: Naaaaaaah!

ME: Quincy, its been a long time since we've seen one and also, we haven't seen that many of them.

QUINCY: But, there's no way that was a--

ME: I think it is, dude.

QUINCY: It did kinda look like it could've been, but....naaaaaaah!!!!

*she flips through more photos*


QUINCY: Yeah, I saw it that time....*another photo*....Yep, there it is again. That was my confirmation.

ME: Yeah....

QUINCY: All of these pictures definitely show her vagina.

ME: Yep.

QUINCY: Wow...and there are her breasts. Why is she showing us these pictures?

ME: Damn all that, man. The real question is, why is she SITTING like that?

QUINCY: Skills.

ME: Yep, she's definitely got skills.

QUINCY: She's like the Michael Jordan of vagina shots.

ME: Thats a good analogy.

QUINCY: Thank you....*pause*....does she realize that she's naked in all of these pictures?

ME: I think so. Lets focus on acting natural so not to make this awkward for her.

QUINCY: You bet!

I didn't know how to react. I mean, maybe she's used to dealing with men who see vagina on a regular basis...maybe even a daily basis. I'm not one of those guys. I don't watch the discovery channel or those shows where they document medical procedures. How did she expect me to respond? At one point she asked if I liked the photos and I forgot how to speak english and stuttered out some odd reply. I'm not sure if I said real words. I don't even remember what I said. If I said something stupid, then I'm sure she wasn't offended. Any woman who so readily shows her vagina to strangers doesn't have the right to be offended by anything.

The rest of this weekend is a blur, but I do know two things:

1) I need to sleep more.

2) After seeing vagina I no longer thought to myself that I should've charged double for the photo gig.